The hottest Jamaican dancehall craze is called ‘daggering’ wherein a man thrusts his hips behind a woman in rapid succession.  This sexually suggestive dance has prompted increasing state censorship and has further stigmatized dancehall culture as vulgar and lewd.

However, some scholars like Carolyn Cooper argue that daggering has roots in Caribbean folk dance.  For Cooper, the main differentiating factor is one’s dress. Scantily clad women are automatically condemned as shameful especially as they engage in aggressive kinetic movement, whereas women wearing long skirts and head ties signal more ‘authentic’ respectful art form. 

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Pon De Floor featuring Afro Jack & VYBZ Cartel from Mad Decent on Vimeo.

Brazil’s Surra De Bunda dance craze is similar to daggering in that it involves a series of booty poundings. But in the case of Surra De Bunda, the woman actually pounds her booty in a man’s face in an almost demeaning, aggressive manner.  There is a sense in which because the woman controls the pounding, she is mocking her dance partner. 

Baile del choque Colombia Bogota

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